Directed by Rachel Miller

The Experimental Flute Ensemble is an ensemble that explores new possibilities in sound, with a strong focus on improvisation and working with composers to develop new repertoire.

When you think beyond the conventional sound of melody and harmony and explore sound textures of all kinds, the sound of flutes together can be stunningly beautiful and haunting it is a very magical sound. Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is a flautist, composer and multi-media artist. She taught flute at Dartington College of Arts, Devon, for several years and formed the Experimental Flute Ensemble in 2009.

One of the new pieces for the ensemble has been written by composer Sam Richards:4 Drones 4 Flutes The piece incorporates a visual score and improvisation and was premiered for a public audience at Totnes Festival on September 6th 2009: See for video clips of this performance - Sound - Space - Silence.

As the leader of the ensemble Rachel is involved in educational and teaching work and one of the aims of the ensemble is to develop a repertoire of exciting contemporary pieces that are accessible to players of different levels.

One of the visions of the ensemble is to create a community of flautists who are interested in improvisation and experiments in sound.
Flute Hand

If you are interested please contact:
Rachel Miller
Tel:01364 652939


Private Tuition

Rachel Miller has a private teaching practice in Ashburton, Devon. Tel 01364 652939

She has a broad range of experience in many different genres of music and teaches classical flute, jazz, improvisation, extended techniques and also folk.

She encourages students to follow the priciples of classical training but is able to adapt this to allow students to follow and develop their own musical interests.

She also teaches saxophone and recorder.

Grade 5 theory course in one term

Rachel taught theory for many years at the Saturday Music School in Totnes - SaMS.
She developed a unique way of teaching that is much quicker than traditional methods - and has more focus on music. Most of her students achieved very high scores of merit or distinction in the exam.

 Flute and Recorder Ensembles

These ensembles meet once a month and are for adults.

Improvisation  Ensemble: this is for anyone interested in exploring a whole new way of playing - working with improvisation, extended techniques and graphic scores. Flutes and recorders.

No minimum level of playing  - just a wish to explore new ideas.

The ensemble will meet once a month for one hour.
The ensemble is for adults.

Medieval Ensemble: this is a small group ensemble for flute and recorder players. The music will be easy to play in order for participants to be able to enjoy the fun of playing lovely music, rather than worrying about reading the notes.

There will be a full range of flutes for an ensemble: concert, alto and bass and a full range of recorders:sopranino, descant, tenor and bass.

The ensemble will meet once a month for one hour. The ensemble is for adults.

Courses in Improvisation

Have you ever wanted to improvise but don't know where to begin?

Have you trained as a classical player and would like to improvise?

Would you like to have more confidence to improvise?

Do you need to develop your skills for exams or teaching?

Would you like to improvise with your child?

Contrary to the popular belief that you cant learn to improvise, I have found, over the years, that there are excellent ways of improving and training ones ability to improvise. These courses cover many different forms of improvisation and are tailored to  individual requirements. These can include development of rhythm skills, listening skills, both pitched and atonal improvisation, jazz or contemporary music, improvisation with visual art and most importantly a friendly and supportive environment. I can also offer   specialist work on improvisation with young children.

Suitable for any instrument and voice.

Basic course - 5 sessions - individuals or small group (max 3 people)

Improvise  improviseimprovise..!!!!!!



As a musician, performer and teacher, Rachel has a wide range of musical experience including jazz, folk, classical, experimental and electronic music.

She studied at Oxford University and studied flute with Ingrid Culliford, Trinity College of Music, London. In 1990 she studied on a post-graduate programme at Dartington College of Arts.

She taught jazz flute and improvisation at Dartington College of Arts for many years, has a private teaching practice and runs various teaching courses including courses in improvisation. She has a lot of experience in teaching in education including Ivybridge Community College and at SaMS - Saturday Morning Music School in Totnes, Devon. She is also a trained music therapist and worked for many years in the health and education services in Devon.

In 2009 she formed the Experimental Flute Ensemble which explores new possibilities in sound, with a strong focus on improvisation and working with composers to develop new repertoire. In 2010, following the closure of Dartington College of Arts, she co-founded Totnes Music Now an organisation promoting contemporary music -

As a narrator and musician she has toured extensively with one of the UKs foremost puppet theatre companies, PuppetCraft

In her solo work she has developed a unique way of combining modern sound technology with poetic storytelling. She is a multi-instrumentalist and plays a wide variety of instruments live on stage which she samples live and builds up evocative textures of sound and music that conjure the images of the tale. See for more information.

She writes soundtracks and has had several commission writing for theatre, puppetry and video - see